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Our mission is to make a positive difference in the learning and lives of children.  We believe that creating a well-developed and integrated learning environment, we add value to a child’s life and future.  We, at Pinnacle Montessori Academy, look forward to sharing your child’s educational adventure into a new and exciting way of learning.


“One test of the correctness of educational procedure is the happiness of the child”

-Dr. Maria Montessori


“It is almost possible to say that there is a mathematical relationship between the beauty of his surroundings and the activity of the child; he will make discoveries rather more voluntarily in a gracious setting than in an ugly one.”

 Dr. Maria Montessori


Our Founder Kaki Reddy Started Pinacle Montessori under trying circumstances.she was working for Alcatel as a Software engineer and her husband alex had just started a technology company from ground-up with his own money and no salary…


Alex Freeman is the president and co-founder of Pinnacle Montessori. He began his career in the research and development. Alex has now turned his innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to the child education industry and software tools for this industry. He is passionate about the Montessori method and recognizes that innovation in this industry comes from encouraging the employees to think creatively and through cutting-edge technology-assisted operations. He was highly inspired by Maria Montessori’s philosophy and sacrifices to improve the human learning potential and dedicated his focus to take the Montessori method to the next level in the education sector. He has a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and an MBA from University of Chicago.


” The Pinacle Montessori franchise system was an excellent investment oportunitty for me! the level of support and expertise from their corporate office, made francise ownership so much easier. they truely make their franchise owners feel like part of the team! ”

– Ravi Maddi

Pinacle Franchise Owner Since 2015

In The Beginner

2006 Heritage Montessori- Murphy

2008 Heritage Montessori- Allen

“Pinnacle Montessori” Began in 2010

                     2010 Bulverde, San Antonio, Tx    2011 Keller, Tx 

                      2013 Alamo Ranch, San Antonio, Tx       2017 Frisco, Tx

Future Schools Coming Soon

Atlanta, GA          Prosper, TX                 Forney, TX

Rockwall, Tx                        Cibolo, Tx                             NW San Antonio, TX

Melissa, Tx

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Facts about Akshaya Patra:

  • Every day Akshaya Patra serves fresh and nutritious school meals to more than 1.4 million under served children.
  • Across 10 states, in over 10,600 schools in 24 locations in India.
  • Just $15 can feed a child for an entire school year!
  • The goal is to feed 5 million schoolchildren by 2020!

Heartfulness Meditation:

In our own lives, we have seen that having a positive attitude towards life is very important.   Everyone has shortfalls and everything has short comings.  But you cannot live your daily life like this because you only have a short time.We are working towards providing a meditation service in all our schools for any denomination or faith. Meditation is non-religious, accepts all faiths as it’s inner directed towards inner conscience which does not require external world.

Check out the below meditation organization for more details,