Looking for awesome people to join our ‘Montessori family’

Our goals for the children are to nurture them for:

  • Self-Discipline
  • Self- motivation and self-responsibility
  • Empathy for other and understand for their surroundings

Teacher requirements

  • Montessori Certified from one of the following associations
    • American Montessori Association (AMA
    • North American Montessori Teachers Association (NAMTA)
    • Association Montessori International (AMI)

Pinnacle Montessori provides the following for our teachers:

  • Training through additional staff development classes
  • Monthly report from the academic director about effectiveness in each classroom
  • Once a year a field trip to another school to view other schools for comparison to be discussed upon return to the school.
  • Video training throughout the year
  • Mentoring from a senior lead teacher
  • On occasion, the school will sponsor teacher training for certifications

Benefits: We Value our Teachers

  • We pay our lead teachers as salary, not hourly
  • With the higher pay, we expect our teachers to introduce new curriculum and to be dedicated to their student’s growth and achievements
    • The showing of growth in the classrooms will make each teacher eligible for yearly raises.
    • This displays a win-win mentality for the students, teacher and parents.

Roll of a Montessori teacher

  • The Montessori classroom is centered on the activities the children perform rather than the activities of the teacher.
  • The teacher’s roll is to observe each child and provide safety, comfort, guidance, strength and coaching according to each child’s needs.
  • The teacher is merely a link between the child and the Montessori materials. Our teachers are knowledgeable on the significance and objectives behind each and every Montessori material.
  • Our teachers are attentive and sensitive and continuously evaluate the growth of each child as to feed them with challenging and rewarding activities.
  • Each classroom has a teacher that has at least five years of Montessori teaching experience.
    • The assistant teacher is preferred to have Montessori certification or in the process of obtaining their certification but not required.

Now, what really makes a teacher is love for the human child, for it is love that transforms the social duty of the educator into higher consciousness of a mission.

                                                                   Maria Montessori


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