Our humble beginnings of Pinnacle Montessori start with our founder, Kaki Reddy. Before she was in the Montessori world, she was working at Alcatel as a software engineer and pregnant with her second child. Her husband, Alex, had just started a technology company from the ground up with his own money and no salary. Kaki was 21 weeks pregnant when she was told she could not return to work and bedridden for four months. Four weeks afterwards, she was informed she was losing her job during the telecom bust of the 2000’s. Kaki and Alex also had another daughter that had previously been in a Montessori school.

During this trying times, Kaki and Alex decided to take the leap into the Montessori arena. They had observed their older daughter in the Montessori setting and were convinced this was the path for their future. During the next 6 months, Kaki and Alex started looking for a suitable location to open a Montessori school in 2006. They decided to partner with a highly experience Montessori educator, Aline Lage. They found a location in Murphy, TX, but did not have the adequate financial resources to open the school. They decided to invest with money from their retirement accounts and borrowed money from their family. As luck would have it, she was able to obtain a new position in the telecom industry. This provided them with the much-needed medical insurance. During this experience, Kaki gave birth to a beautiful little girl. With the feeling of god’s graces upon them, having a healthy little girl and an opportunity to advance in the Montessori world, their dream was accomplished.

Today, Alex and Kaki own five Pinnacle Montessori schools located in Dallas and San Antonio. After experiencing the wonderful world of not only promoting the Montessori method, but also seeing the joy in many children’s eyes while learning, they decided to share their experience with a larger group. They launched their Pinnacle Montessori Franchise program in 2014. They were awarded their first franchise in Frisco TX early in 2015.