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Give your child the opportunity to develop their relational abilities, all within the context of learning specific skills and how to express their desires.

Montessori after school care for your child is a place where they are given freedom to study passions and pursue what interests them; ranging from sports, musical instruments, theater, and more! We create unique learning programs for each of our students, which include their specific interests, intertwined with our curriculum at a pace they can set for themselves.

We encourage all kinds of music, movement, dance, sports, and yoga. Since learning and movement are linked neurologically, one of the most effective methods of teaching students is allowing them to move freely in a safe space, while exposing them to new stimuli in a way that is familiar to them.

We offer after school classes for many different ages and grade levels. We are very welcoming to anyone who wants to try Montessori and see how much it can change the outlook of a student and help them grow exponentially in many ways.

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