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Are your kids feeling a little cramped up in the house? It’s difficult to mimic their usual range of school activities at home, but luckily, our loving teachers at Pinnacle have an array of recess activities that are easy to mimic at home. Here’s a few backyard activities to get some sun in!

  • Lawn games. Using simple materials that you can find in any backyard or garage, set up an obstacle course in your lawn! This is perfect for siblings, who can create a world of fun competition with their imagination. Or, set up a family competition and see who wins!
  • Chalk art. Some common family fun that’s been spreading across social media is home chalk art. If you have plain concrete or fence space that you don’t mind getting chalk on, this one’s for you. Use duct tape to create a patterned design and let your child color in the lines with chalk. Finally, you can have a big reveal moment as you peel off the tape to reveal a beautifully colored design!
  • Family picnic. If you can’t make it to your favorite lake or park for a cute picnic, why not set one up in your backyard? To give a full picnic feel, include some summer fun such as bubbles or water balloons. An outdoor family meal can be a calming break for everyone!

Twice a day at Pinnacle Montessori Academy Schools, your children play in a playground, with all their friends and caring & fun-loving teachers. It’s almost impossible to recreate this environment at home, but trading it for outdoor crafts & family time can create a new recess that’ll have your little one in the sun & having fun!

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