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Beach Vacation with Family

The beach holds so many memories for me and my family.  This is our annual summer trip that we look forward to, plan strategically, and come together for fun.  My children, who are 30, 28 and 20 years old, have their fond memories and we continue to visit the same landmarks and tourist spots every year.  I have tried to change plans and they question my motive and wonder why I would stray from tradition.  As a mom, my heart is overwhelmed when I hear them sharing their stories with each other about memories or their version of particular trips.  We have built sand castles, gone fishing, collected seashells,  fed sea gulls, and played in the ocean.  There has been fun and as an educator, there was always a lesson to be learned. 

In this time of social distancing, the beach is a great place to visit.  You are able to distance your family and focus on each other and fun.  Imagine the fun of sharing stories with your child of your memories of visiting the beach.  Ask them what their idea of fun would be and how their “beach adventure” will look and start planning.  Plan a beach scavenger hunt, write a pirate story, create a sea creature, make a seashell collage, and of course build a sandcastle.  The ideas are endless when you open your child’s creativity and ask them for their input to a fun filled weekend trip to the beach.  This could be an activity they will continue to do when you return to the beach annually.  As a family, we have collected thousands of seashells, created various projects with them and will continue to add to our tradition. 

If you choose to stay close to home, bring the beach to your backyard.  The Dollar stores around town have seashells and great beach themed items that will help you create the beach feel in the your backyard.  You can still plan with your child how their backyard beach adventure will look. 

  1.  Seashell can be scattered in the yard and your family may participate in a seashell hunt.  The seashells can be organized into categories; size, color, shapes. (Sensorial)    
  2. Set up a seashell wash station to prepare the shells for an art activity (Practical Life)
  3. Print various beach, fish, boat pictures and write a story about a beach adventure.  (Language)
  4. Make an art project with the items you collected.  Let you child be as creative as they’d like.  (Art)
  5. Have a Beach Party Dance Party.  Whether you’re doing the hula dance, the limbo, or just free style, there are plenty of family friendly beach playlists.  (Spotify, Pandora, Kidz Bop Radio)

The list can go on and on with backyard fun.  It’s up to you to create those memories with your children.  Open their minds to creativity and adventure and they will respond in ways that you may not have processed the ideas. 

Enjoy your weekend getaways either at the beach or your backyard beach adventure.  Don’t forget to preserve the memories with photos and share on social media so your distant family members can enjoy the adventures from a distance.

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