” Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.”
– Maria Montessori

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Camping from Home

Camping from Home During this time of social distancing many of us have sadly had to cancel our summer plans and vacations. Being cooped up tends

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The Mask

The Mask While our focus seems to shift from beloved cartoon animals to princesses, there has always been one genre that has always held our

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Nature Based Learning

Nature Based Learning Karen Macias The latest thing in early childhood education has been “nature-based preschools” and more outside, get in the dirt, type learning. 

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Self-help Stations

Self-help stations We are ready to talk all about self-help stations. It is a station that allows your child to help themselves thus gaining independence and

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At-Home Outdoor Fun

Twice a day at Pinnacle, your children play in a playground, with all their friends and caring & fun-loving teachers. It’s almost impossible to recreate this environment at home, but trading it for outdoor crafts & family time can create a new recess that’ll have your little one in the sun & having fun!

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Easy Crafts to Try Out at Home

Our directors and teachers at Pinnacle Montessori schools believe one of the best ways to get through this time is to prioritize self-care. With little ones, it’s easier to distract & help them find peace during these troubled times.

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The Importance of Self Education

At Pinnacle Montessori, we wholeheartedly believe in all aspects of the Montessori method, but self-education is one we value especially and showcase in the classroom. Our classes are structured so our students have plenty of time in the day to work.

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