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We are in the middle of strange times, with worry on every face around us. Our directors and teachers at Pinnacle Montessori schools believe one of the best ways to get through this time is to prioritize self-care. With little ones, it’s easier to distract & help them find peace during these troubled times. A simple way to spend time together & have fun is through these easy craft activities!

  • It doesn’t take more than basic craft materials and a paper bag to create these paper bag monster puppets. This craft keeps kids entertained with some puppet fun even after they’re done making it! You can find an easy tutorial here.
  • Want something cute & crazy simple? Try a paper rainbow. All you need here is construction paper and glue, but if you have some googly eyes laying around you just might steal some hearts. You can find an easy tutorial here.
  • Once you finish your morning eggs, it’s time for adorable fun with these simple egg carton turtles. As a bonus, you can create caterpillars & frogs too! This is guaranteed to bring your kids some special fun, and you can make use of your recyclable egg cartons. You can find an easy tutorial here.
  • Glue, watercolors, and salt create a world of fun on their own. This jellyfish salt painting activity is easy, adorable, and allows your kids to stretch their imagination. They can pour the glue in any shape and paint whatever they’d like for a fun textured activity. You can find an easy tutorial here.

Get crafting & have fun!

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