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Grace, Courtesy, and Manners, can be Easily Integrated into Daily Family Life

Marian Wright Edelman once said, “Being considerate of others will take your children further in life than any college degree.”

You most likely did not need this reminder however your children adore you! They look up to you and are always watching how you interface with family, friends, and people in the world at large. Our children learn how to interact with people around them by watching us. This actually works in our favor; it is the secret weapon. The Love and Logic Parenting Method teaches that there are many opportunities for children to learn these skills on a daily basis. Thus, giving you the opportunity through your interactions to show your children the proper way to treat others, so they see what manners look like, in action.  Consistency and repetition will be the keys to your success. Your child will,  through your efforts, develop a foundation of courtesy and empathy for their family, pier group, and people they meet when out and about with you. Emotional intelligence must not be thought of as any less important than the acquisition of academic intelligences. Our very own Dr. Montessori stressed the need for the child to develop a balanced sense of self. The time is now, when the absorbent mind is fully active. Your child is currently absorbing information at a rate that will be unrivaled throughout the remainder of their lives.

There are many books, games, in addition to real world examples, that will assist you as you guide your child. Of course, we at PMA are at your service if you ever have concerns, questions, or funny stories!