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There are four main areas at home that we focus on with Montessori.

They are the areas for Sleep, which is usually the Bedroom,

the area for Movement, usually your main Living space,

 the area for Feeding, which is usually the Kitchen or Dining room

and the area for physical care, which is usually a Bathroom,

Sleep 0-5m


The Topponcino is typically used from birth to six to eight weeks (or more depending on the size of the infant). It is recommended that the parent/s sleep with or put the Topponcino in their bed, so it takes on their homely scent. The Topponcino is then used (from birth) to securely hold and support the infant and pass the baby from one person to another person.

Cestina 0-3m

The most common things you will find in an area for sleep for a newborn. It is also called a Moses basket which allows the child to be close to the mother while sleeping and will allow you to take the bed wherever you are.  When you have a newborn, everybody wants to hold them but then might not be comfortable for the baby. So in order to help the baby feel more comfortable, you would use a Topponcino to ensure everyone is holding the baby the same exact way. It should be short and wide enough to move and observe.

Floor bed 5-onward

Move independence and have an open view of the room and give them free of the movement. For this reason, a floor bed is preferable to a crib since a crib restricts movement and limits independence. Montessori parents typically keep their babies in a bassinet or Moses basket during the newborn stage, but starting as early as 2 months or so, they transition to a floor bed.

Movement Mat

Next up is the area for movement as a newborn. During a two- five-month-old infant, your child will need a movement Mat mirror, a low shelf, and as they get a bit older, the materials in the area for movement will change.  


Rocking chair 0-5

This area for feeding will consist of a designated space for breast or bottle feeding. Feeding your child in the same room on the same chair with the same environment will help your child recognize that it is time to eat, not to play. 

Changing Table

Lastly, the area for physical care for a baby would simply be a changing table. Using the table consistently will help your child to understand what is going on and what’s going to be happening next. 

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