” Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.”
– Maria Montessori

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Self-help Stations

Self-help stations

We are ready to talk all about self-help stations. It is a station that allows your child to help themselves thus gaining independence and confidence.

The washing hand station does not have to be anything fancy or does not even have to be inside the bathroom. It is better to have this little station in the area for movement.

The self-care stations                                 

Wherever you choose to put this simple station, should be a child-size table or bed size table at the height of your child so they can easily work at it. 

From there, all you need is a bowl, a pitcher, so a bucket, a towel in a basket. You will also need access to running water. Your child may need a stool to reach a sink. The child can fill the pitcher, then pour the water in the bowl, use the soap to wash their hands, rinse their hands in the bowl, dry their hands on the towel, replace the towel on a hook, or in a basket. Then pour the water from a bowl to the bucket and empty the bucket outside or in the back to it. Back to him.  You can easily add a stable stool that allows your child to come up to the counter level and wash their hands, brush their teeth, or brush their hair. 

The whole purpose of using self-help stations is to promote independence. So as much as possible, allow your child to complete as many tasks as possible independently.

Self-serve snack stations                                              

The next step is the wonderful self-serve and going back to the Basic Montessori principles that we talked about in Stage two. Giving my child the freedom within limits to choose her own snacks and what was exactly what we needed. So at that time, she was allowed to have two snacks before nap and two snacks after. The key with this one is being prepared, so you are not having to be filling this snack basket while your child is around. You want it to be there, I’m full.

This self-serve station serves as an aid to the sensitive period for order. Your child will find comfort and know that everything has a place when they help set a table, eat their dinner, and then wash up the materials and they’ll go right back into their station.

Self-care the station is an area for different aides for independence includes a child-size tool for sitting and a child-size wardrobe. You’ll be giving your child that freedom within limits by adding only a handful of clothes for them to choose from and in the wardrobe or the place that they like to sit most easily to dress themselves. Just remember not to overload your child with options, so maybe only two or three options of each clothing item, so two pairs of shorts, two shirts, two pairs of socks, and so forth.

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