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The Importance of Self Education

Today, when an idea piqued your interest or you wanted to learn about something, what was your first instinct? Naturally, you wanted to look it up. Curiosity is a natural human tendency, and we satisfy it through education. We practice this idea constantly in our day-to-day lives, but it when it comes to children, it can be easy to overlook their innately curious natures because we underestimate their ability to act on these questions. Contrary to this belief, self-education is a crucial part of learning.

The Montessori method believes that instead of sitting still and absorbing lessons taught by a teacher, children should engage in self-directed learning with the teacher as a guide. The key to success here is a prepared classroom, featuring materials with built in “control in error” systems, such as Montessori cylinder blocks or any of the other countless materials in our classrooms. Another key to self-directed learning is respect for the child. Rather than teaching children to sit quiet & still, the Montessori method centers the child in their education, achieving learning through the child’s own exploration process.

At Pinnacle Montessori, we wholeheartedly believe in all aspects of the Montessori method, but self-education is one we value especially and showcase in the classroom. Our classes are structured so our students have plenty of time in the day to work. In this time, they are free to choose whatever Montessori learning activities appeal to them, while teachers encourage their curiosity and work with students who need help at their individual level. This allows students to learn at their own pace and develop their interests without feeling the pressure or boredom of group activities they may feel forced into doing. Pinnacle Montessori values your child’s independence and education, and our fully equipped classrooms & teachers are excited to help your children grow.