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The Mask

While our focus seems to shift from beloved cartoon animals to princesses, there has always been one genre that has always held our attention: the superheroes! As we watch our personal favorites fight crime and save the day, we can’t help but notice the trademark that each super hero has. Either crime fighting muscles, glorious capes, stretchy tights, or a big “S” on their chest, each superhero wears their symbols with pride.

 In the age of a pandemic, it is our duty to resemble the same pride as our heroes and wear the new trademark through our everyday lives. It is statistically proven that wearing a mask can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. While wearing your mask comes with difficulty and confusion for your little ones, I challenge you to help them find the silver lining. Allow your child to feel the responsibility of saving lives by wearing their own superhero trademark and let them know that their actions will have a direct positive connotation to our society. Now is the chance for us to be the superheroes we love and look up to and wear our masks with pride. 

One of the ways to help our children understand “the mask”, is to give the chance to feel morally superior and encourage a little righteousness.  This is a parent’s opportunity to allow their child to be the family monitor, reminding their family not to forget their face masks when they leave the house.  Teach the young monitor to nudge the member of the family to pull up the face coverings that slide down off their noses.  Teach your monitor about safety and they are protecting themselves and others.  This little bit of authority will make them the expert on face masks and will help them embrace what has become our new normal.

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