Asila Moghadam

Meet The Director

I would like to take this time to introduce myself, Asila Moghadam. In 2016 I took a position at Pinnacle Montessori in Frisco as the Head of School, Vice president of operation and the new owner of Children’s Garden Montessori.

As an educator and a mother, I am well aware of the many emotions and questions you may have. I have an extensive background in education and operations that spans from early childhood education to owning and operating my own successful facility for 15 years.  I began my teaching career as a Montessori teacher many years ago, working in many great schools as a Primary and Elementary teacher.

Realizing how the world of childcare and education is constantly evolving, I am always pursuing professional development. My continuous goal is to provide high-quality care and education services to children, families, and staff. I am committed to providing the Frisco community with a strong educational program that focuses on the Montessori teaching method in a caring and loving environment. Watching a happy young child learn something new and accomplish a new task is a true passion of mine. As a former teacher, I would love to provide a supportive and professional environment for my coworkers and team members to grow together as a family.

Along with our leadership team and staff, I am excited about the challenges and rewards of being a critical part of your child’s future. I look forward to working with all parents/guardians and establishing positive relationships. Trust, communication, and understanding are vital parts of these relationships. I am a strong proponent of an open-door policy, and I welcome conversations regarding your child(ren) to ensure a successful school year.

I am blessed beyond measure to be given this opportunity to serve your child and family. I believe PMA programs are designed to meet the students at their unique level of development and growth. I am fully committed to this position as owner/Director, and I will work collaboratively with our staff to ensure each family and child has a positive early educational experience!


Asila Moghadam