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Pinnacle Montessori Academy

A Unique Franchise Model

Pinnacle Montessori Academy Schools are known for providing the most authentic and quality Montessori education. With our own carefully crafted PMA STARS curriculum & a focus on play-based, individualized learning, our schools prepare children for success in future schooling and teach them to love to learn for life!

With over a decade of experience, we are the leading Montessori franchise of North America. We’re developing with franchises in Texas, Nevada, and Georgia as we grow nationwide. A franchise model with full construction and operations support coupled with our unique Pinnacle company culture creates the ideal investment opportunity.
To learn more, get in touch directly at 214.462.7320, or fill out our online inquiry form. We’re excited to welcome you to our PMA family.

Why Franchise with Pinnacle Montessori Academy?

Industry Leader

With our excellent franchise support & ideal investment model, Pinnacle Montessori currently leads the childcare industry with over 40 new schools opening in the next two years.

Unparalleled Support

From the franchise process, to the ribbon cutting, to continued operation support, Pinnacle is with you every step of the way.

PMA STARS Curriculum

At Pinnacle, we set our standards as high as possible through our carefully crafted PMA STARS curriculum.


PMA Culture

PMA has curated a unique company culture. We pride ourselves in our big, loving family and can’t wait for you to join.

Franchise for Busy Professionals

We collaborate with you so you have all the support you need to own a successful school while keeping your professional career at full speed.

Steps to Success

Talk to our franchise expert

Call our general franchise hotline or directly contact Krishna Bhaskar, COO and Head of Franchising, at 214-814-1918.

Submit franchise application

Fill out our franchise application form to help us understand your interests with PMA.

Schedule a discovery day

A discovery day is typically a day spent touring one of our schools, visiting our corporate teams, and learning about our franchise process.

Franchise Disclosure

Make sure you have reviewed the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and other affiliate contracts to give yourself a complete understanding of your investment.

Franchise Qualification

We will notify you when your franchise application is approved and you qualify to move forward in our franchise process.

Sign franchise agreement

At this point, you’ll sign the franchise agreement and pay franchise fees.

Site selection

Our demographic research team will get you started with site selection and securing land.

Secure financing

Now is the time to secure finances and ensure the construction process will go smoothly.

Site development and construction

For the next several months, our teams will assist you with developing your site and constructing the school.

Staffing, training, and school set up.

Training staff and setting up Montessori materials in the school is the last step in your Pinnacle journey.

Grand opening

Time for all your work to pay off!

Kaki Reddy

Our Founders

Pinnacle Montessori Academy was founded in 2006 when Kaki Reddy and Alex Freeman decided to share their passion for Montessori learning by building their first…

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