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Manners Grace, Courtesy, and Manners, can be Easily Integrated into Daily Family Life Marian Wright Edelman once said, “Being considerate of others will take your children further in life than any college degree.” You most likely did not need this reminder however your children adore you! They look up to you and are always watching… continue reading »

Parenting in a Crisis – the New Reality!

Parenting in a Crisis – the New Reality! by Ruwaidha Liwaza Isn’t this the strangest time for all of us? Let’s rewind back a month and see ourselves in our normal mornings. The fire-stress-builder and a typical cause of morning madness was getting children up, packing breakfast and lunch, and getting them out of the… continue reading »

Camping from Home

Camping from Home During this time of social distancing many of us have sadly had to cancel our summer plans and vacations. Being cooped up tends to drive us all a bit stir crazy, especially the little ones.  If your children are acting out in unexpected ways they could be feeling stress and anxiety just like… continue reading »

Preschool Settings and Pandemic??

Preschool Settings and Pandemic?? Parents have questions, teachers have questions, lunch staff have questions, bus drivers have questions, grandparents have questions, dance class teachers have questions, administrators have questions, politicians have questions…everyone seems to have questions and no one seems to have the answers.  We are all living through unprecedented times. As an early childhood… continue reading »

The Mask

The Mask While our focus seems to shift from beloved cartoon animals to princesses, there has always been one genre that has always held our attention: the superheroes! As we watch our personal favorites fight crime and save the day, we can’t help but notice the trademark that each super hero has. Either crime fighting… continue reading »

Beach Vacation with Family

Beach Vacation with Family The beach holds so many memories for me and my family.  This is our annual summer trip that we look forward to, plan strategically, and come together for fun.  My children, who are 30, 28 and 20 years old, have their fond memories and we continue to visit the same landmarks… continue reading »

Nature Based Learning

Nature Based Learning Karen Macias The latest thing in early childhood education has been “nature-based preschools” and more outside, get in the dirt, type learning.  As has been the case before, Dr. Maria Montessori was way ahead of her time.  Back in the early 1900’s, Dr. Montessori wrote about “sensitive periods” in children.  These were… continue reading »

Fun activities at home!

Fun activities at home! During this time of social distancing many of us have sadly had to cancel our summer plans and vacations. Being cooped up tends to drive us all a bit stir crazy, especially the little ones.  If your children are acting out in unexpected ways they could be feeling stress and anxiety just… continue reading »

Self-help Stations

Self-help stations We are ready to talk all about self-help stations. It is a station that allows your child to help themselves thus gaining independence and confidence. The washing hand station does not have to be anything fancy or does not even have to be inside the bathroom. It is better to have this little station in… continue reading »

Preparing your environment

There are four main areas at home that we focus on with Montessori. They are the areas for Sleep, which is usually the Bedroom, the area for Movement, usually your main Living space,  the area for Feeding, which is usually the Kitchen or Dining room and the area for physical care, which is usually a Bathroom, Sleep 0-5m Topponcino The Topponcino is typically used from… continue reading »

Montessori Home Program

Montessori Home Program We are excited to start preparing our Montessori at home program! This stage is all about clarifying what Montessori is and how to make room for Montessori in your home. After you find the right room and get it ready to set up, you need to focus your attention on your mindset and principles… continue reading »

April showers bring May flowers

Well, as the old saying goes…. “April showers bring May flowers” and who doesn’t love flowers?Since we are now entering the month of May, flowers are beginning to bloom all around us. In my opinion nothing says “spring” like the beautiful colors and sweet smell of fresh flowers! In addition to their undeniable beauty, flowers… continue reading »

Check out Learning with Pistachio!

This week, our incredible Pinnacle team launched an online learning platform as a quick & easy way to translate our classroom activities online as we deal with the current crisis. You can visit the site to access the curriculum, which includes different types of interactive activities, videos, and worksheets for your little ones to continue… continue reading »

At-Home Outdoor Fun

Twice a day at Pinnacle, your children play in a playground, with all their friends and caring & fun-loving teachers. It’s almost impossible to recreate this environment at home, but trading it for outdoor crafts & family time can create a new recess that’ll have your little one in the sun & having fun!

Children and Language: Early Exposure

Introducing multiple languages to kids early on has been shown to teach many invaluable skills that have long-term effects, even if the child doesn’t grasp the language itself.

Easy Crafts to Try Out at Home

Our directors and teachers at Pinnacle Montessori schools believe one of the best ways to get through this time is to prioritize self-care. With little ones, it’s easier to distract & help them find peace during these troubled times.

Stuck At Home? No Problem!

Stuck At Home? No Problem What a time of change for us all. As I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by surprise. You may find yourself at home with your little ones, anxious to ensure they’re entertained and educated despite school closings nationwide. Here’s a few tricks… continue reading »

The Importance of Self Education

At Pinnacle Montessori, we wholeheartedly believe in all aspects of the Montessori method, but self-education is one we value especially and showcase in the classroom. Our classes are structured so our students have plenty of time in the day to work.